Housework Wednesday #2

Oh No!! Housework Wednesday is here again and I see no improvement! In fact there is even more mess I would be pretty confident to say….

But to be honest allot of the mess is either moving chaos, The Man mess (he has been home for the last 2 days and only went back to work this morning!) or I just CANNOT be bothered mayhem.



So to sum up the Mess Makers have been running riot in the lounge room but  that can all pretty much be picked up by the end of the day. Aside from the box on the coffee table, that I cannot pick up and it will have to wait for The Man because it is full of kids books and is VERY heavy.

The dining room is pure moving chaos. There is stuff everywhere. it is not pretty but it is the place that made the most sense for stacking boxes.

The kitchen is just me not being bothered today. I have picked up bits and pieces but I will finish it off before The Man gets home tonight.

The master bed? That I can’t explain.


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