Housework Wednesday #3

So this housework Wednesday will have no photos as we are not in my house. You see we are still staying with my mum and stepdad and so I am not really comfortable posting pics of their house…. But I have been keeping up, yesterday was a vacuum and wipe down fest with all of the toilets, sinks, doors and walls getting some love. I vacuumed the floor and ran one of the attachments over the baseboards and the outside table (a glass top and 3 smokers means a blanket of ash that was driving me batty). It felt really good to be getting stuff done. I have also convinced The Man that buying me a Dyson is in his best interests.

Although I can see that I am going to have my work cut out for me at the new house. As much as I really am looking forward to moving in figuring out how a new house works is always a little daunting for me. But I have the advantage of the laundry being INSIDE in this house. I am so very excited though to get unpacked and sorted and set up! The car arrives today and we drive down tomorrow. I can see a few really hectic days in front of us but I have to say I am thrilled that we are finally going to be able to settle.

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