My baby is turning 9

I am so happy today that my oldest baby is turning 9, so not really my baby anymore, we are in fact entering the tweenage years. So we had our usual celebration of birthday music pumping through the house to wake him up followed by a dance party in the hallway and then present opening.

Last night The Man and I spent about an hour icing the cupcakes that I made yesterday afternoon and mucking around with them all. It was actually pretty fun. Although tiring. So 30 cupcakes are iced and ready to go for the school today.

I know that I am completely biased but Moody constantly amazes me. He will just randomly come out with an obscure dinosaur fact or will spend 10 minutes telling me about a butterfly that he has been reading about. He is incredibly smart and knows more than he lets on to most people. He has amazing patience with his little brother and sister. He also never wants to hurt someone’s feelings. Every night dinner is the best thing he has ever tasted and he LOVES it. Everyone is his favourite person. He’s just all around awesome.

The babies were so excited about their brothers birthday as well and for the first time in a few years we didn’t have fussing over the fact that someone was getting presents and they weren’t. which is normal for their ages but gosh it was so nice to be done with that. Long may the new tolerance continue!

Regarding starting my course next year I logged onto the university website and tried to enrol for my first semester of units. Unfortunately they haven’t been set up yet (that is due to happen later this month) but I did get a chance to explore a bit and make sure that I could actually login etc etc. which involved a hilarious call to the uni’s IT desk to sort out my username and passwords etc etc.



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