So advice is needed

As with most new students there are a few areas that I am flying blind in. You see it has been a long time since I was in school and things have changed. Even my universities systems have changed a little (and you know how slow those are to evolve!!) So my question is what are your favourite university tools? What do you like? What are the best pens to buy (still the good old kilometrico or have there been improvements?) what about apps? Are the new flashcard apps on the phone the go or are the tried and true index cards a better bet? So many choices so much to think about so little time!

3 thoughts on “So advice is needed

  1. Dear Study Mum,

    I’ve just completed my first year of study at university. I know what it feels like flying blind. Keep asking around for help and try out different methods and work out what works best for you. Here’s a link to a post written about the biggest thing that has helped me to stay organised and reduce my stress levels whilst studying.
    Wishing you all the very best in your studies and your life.

    Kind regards,

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