Craft and home organisation in one!

So I decided when we moved that I was sick of existing in our house, and that with the next house I really wanted to make it our HOME not just somewhere that our family resided. So I am starting with small projects to make the house more like home for us.

Like allot of stay at home mums (and quite a few working mums I would imagine) I spend allot of time in my kitchen, baking and cooking for the family. As a result I wanted a small way to make that portion of my day a little prettier. We have had a couple of giant glass canning jars for a while and had always intended on putting flour into them but never quite got there because they had no labels and I didn’t want to just scrawl on them what the contents were. So once we moved I ordered some waterslide paper and had a browse on Pinterest. In the end this is what I came up with:


IMG_3246.jpgSuch a small thing, I mean really just a label but it makes my heart happy to open the pantry and see them both sitting there. Next on my labeling list is our rice jar which is a square version of the same jars. I intend on keeping the labels pretty much uniform so that they all match which should take away from any mismatching that we will have going on, and provide some uniformity

What small changes have you made that have made you feel that much closer to “home”?

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