Housework Wednesday

So this week has been tougher than most, and I’m not quite sure why at the moment as a result the house has suffered. I can make excuses about being sick (which I have been), being lazy (which I have been) being caught up (which I have been) but all in all it is pretty much an unremarkable week culminating in a mess!! So this afternoon (after sword practice, must not forget the sword practice for Moody) I will be climbing back onto the horse and whipping this house back into shape.  In the meantime: IMG_0172.JPG My desk is a mess again as per usual, I really am beginning to think that this is the status quo, but I am determined to change it. My main gripe with myself is that this mornings cereal bowl is on the desk still (the rest of the morning dishes were done at 8:30! As well as a drink cup and some chippy things that I was snacking on earlier. All from today but I prefer to keep food for the most part OUT of the study! I am pretty happy with the lounge and love the fact that Mischief and Mayhem have taken to the beanbags so easily. The kitchen is currently trashed. I have been stewing apples for 2 days straight at this stage and I am SO OVER IT! But it was lovely for my Mum to bring them down and I am sure that we will appreciate them once it is all said and done… in the meantime I just hope I don’t shave my fingers off with the peeler!


As for the Master Bedroom…. well that is just laziness. Between not feeling up to scratch and getting our ADSL connection sorted late yesterday the bedroom has fallen woefully behind. Mind you I managed to make the bed this morning after my run and before getting the kids sorted for the day so all is not yet lost.

How’s your house looking?

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