Friday fitness

So first of all apologies about my lack of housework Wednesday post. We had some connection issues with the net and some sickness issues in the house… All too much! So I skipped a week.

In terms of fitness this week:
Weight 84kg – basically the same
What have I done: 2 x body pump classes and 1 x body balance class. I haven’t been running which makes me feel uber lazy because I also became friends with a half dozen new people on run keeper and most of them have gone out at least once but I am currently making excuses. That will end tomorrow. I am going for a run tomorrow morning!

My diet has been pretty good aside from the HJ’s in the middle of the week. But I am happy with that.
<br />

The only downside to my new routine is that I have had to start napping during the day when the kids do in order to function in the evenings… But hopefully I will re acclimatise soon.



Hopefully everyone else is meeting their fitness goals, what are you doing to stay active?

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