Housework Wednesday

Well this is what the house looks like at the END of the day, but before I have had a chance to clean up. I completely forgot about posting this morning in my rush to get out of the door.


So in this pic you can see my desk is quite a bit cleaner than in the last one. And I have moved some furniture around (I got sick of my desk being a huge mess so decided while I was ripping it apart I might as well go the whole way!) and the kitchen is completely trashed! In my defence this is the same kitchen 10 minutes later after a quick tidy:


I didn’t even get the bed made this morning because I slept in – between starting my new exercise routine and night training with Mischief I am officially exhausted at the moment. I am really struggling to get up in the mornings. I am really hoping that changes soon!

Today overall has been pretty hectic, but I managed to fit a pump class into my morning which was great.

I also did some measuring this afternoon and I will share the results in my Friday fitness post later in the week but I am excited!

Anyone else have a car crash kinda day?

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