Housework Wednesday fail

Well I am sorry but once again this week I have missed housework Wednesday. But this week I have a very good reason.
Yesterday at 9:00 I got a call from one of my best friends in the whole world who told me that her mum is dying and is in the ICU. This was completely unexpected and incredibly tragic. So I packed up the kids and have made the trek to the big smoke. I can’t cure her Mum, or actually make much of a difference. But I can try to be here for her. Thankfully my friend is well supported, it would seem that every man and his dog has turned up at that hospital which is a testament to not only my friend’s Mum but to her kids because there were quite a few people who turned up like me to support the various kids (although the youngest is 20ish).

For my part I confess to being shocked and more than a little sad, but I am aware that this isn’t my tragedy so I don’t want to share too much here. My friends privacy needs to be respected at this time. But all I can say is that it has slapped me in the face yet again with the fact that life is short, and unpredictable and urgent. That seizing the day is exactly what we need to do because you literally may not get tomorrow and it may not be avoidable. So please if you have read this far hug your children close, tell those you love how you feel, smile at strangers and do a good deed. Make sure that were you to go tomorrow the people in your life would be under no illusions about how you feel about them.


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