Study progress

Well getting to pick up all of my books was a bit of a bummer. Because they weren’t all there! However we made the trek up to Joondalup to collect the 2 that were there which was great. I took the youngest two Mischief and Mayhem with me which was an experience but other than that it went well.


I have been struggling to read through my first text as I have been distracted and out of my regular environment, I am hoping that now that I am home I can start to knock the paragraphs off fairly quickly.

I have however decided that studying on this desk:


Is an absolutely insane proposition. So my goal for today is going to be to get my desk and my study area in general back under control and organised so that studying will actually be “doable” then the challenge will be to keep it that way until the start of Semester!

Meanwhile in life in general things have been unsettled but pretty good for me. Not so much for my friend who lost her mum a few days ago now which is why we were in Perth. The plan wasn’t to go up until next week but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. The munchkins enjoyed the visit though as they spent a majority of their time at Nanna’s house where the pool was a constant source of entertainment, very helpful in such a warm time of the year.IMG_0709They were also given the last of their Christmas presents and Mayhem received his birthday presents so now all that is left is to weed out the old toys that they no longer play with and get rid of them so that everything fits. Which is actually easier than it sounds.

Anyone else getting started with their pre-reading yet?


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