Study Progress – Just under a week till uni starts!

Well that came up fast! Last time I looked I had weeks and weeks to go but over the past few weeks admittedly I have been rather distracted with allot of travel back and forwards from the big smoke as well as attempting to really settle into the house and getting Moody settled back in after his visit with his father.

Any who where am I right now? Well all of my stationary books and pens, highlighters, etc etc have been ordered from Officeworks… but not delivered yet. All of my books are on order… but haven’t been delivered yet.

The books that I do have I haven’t started to read yet… so I am completely underprepared… which is exactly where I hate to be. But so long as I have access to my classes before I need to get started and have my first weeks reading done sooner rather than later I am refusing to stress very much.

The upside is that I have had free time to clear and semi organise my desk which is thrilling 🙂 I am so very excited to have it slightly cleaner and more organised.


I am hoping to get to the stage over the next few weeks that the only stuff that is only on my desk is the stuff that I use regularly and need to have at arms reach.

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