Aaaand I disappeared again!

I am so sorry. Life got ridiculously busy and I knew I wanted to write but completely ran out of time, repeatedly. So things are ticking along nicely here. Although study is taking over my life, we listen to lectures in the car, in bed, while I’m cooking, while I’m in the shower I study for hours a day and I still feel like I’m behind. I am constantly exhausted from staying up ridiculously late studying… but I am enjoying it for the most part.


The down side is that the house is suffering (I will do housework Thursday, today is literally a pop in and reassure anyone who is reading that I haven’t died) and I feel like I am constantly forgetting EVERYTHING. Which is the reason why I will be reviewing one of my most favourite apps of all time this week… probably tomorrow in fact seeing as it is related to housework (unfortunately no it doesn’t remotely control the iron, vacuum cleaner and mop).

As for settling in we are slowly getting  there, I have met a few ladies at the local school which is nice and a few at the gym which is also nice. Really though I need to get out and socialise at some point… although that will have to wait until I’m not studying quite so much…. or until I have holidays or something…

Anyone else being swallowed whole by the requirements of study? Any efficiency tips?

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