Catching up

So after my weekend away a few weeks ago I am finally caught up enough to feel OK about taking some time to do something other than Uni work, housework or health work. So here I am!

So what has been happening? Not allot, my darling friend is starting to recover her equilibrium although she is struggling she is amazing and I can only hope that I never have to go through what she has because I am damned sure that I couldn’t weather the storm that she has with as much grace and dignity as she has. I am swimming along with my uni work and seriously my motto is “just keep swimming” that’s about as far ahead as I am looking at the moment. But I am up to date which is fantastic!just-keep-swimming

The Mess Makers are all doing well. Moody has gone up a grade in his swording classes, Mischief is having a blast at kindy and Mayhem has been sick the last couple of days which is why the housework Thursday below is still a bit shambolic, literally 2 days of no sleep in addition to being sick myself has meant that the bare minimum has gotten done. But I am OK with that, it is much better than it would have been previously which makes me happy.

As for fitness… this Monday I did my very first RPM class (well 2/3 of the class anyway). Oh my goodness my behind is never going to forgive me. I have never felt such pain but it isn’t “I’ve pushed myself hard and my muscles are sore” it’s that bike seat got all 50 shades on me and I am bruised, it was so bad I had to quit 2/3 of the way through because I was in agony. I actually had The Man check to see if there was visible bruising the other day because I am convinced that I am black and blue! We had the door locked for that particular expedition! But I am proud of myself because that was also my very first double up day. I went and sat down for the remaining 15 minutes of class and then got right back up and did a pump class! It was awesome. So I am going to make that a goal to do as many double ups as I can during the week.

Now for the moment of truth…. please be kind as I’ve said the last few days have been horrible in terms of housework:


Alright so the bed in the study was put up because I cracked it a few nights ago because The Man was snoring. It comes in handy having blow up mattresses around the house. It also came in very handy late yesterday afternoon when Mayhem was so very sick that he didn’t want to be more than 5 feet away from me but was exhausted and I needed to get some study done. So he snuggled up in the bed and I got my work done and everyone was happy, In fact he didn’t move until I put him into his own bed at the end of the day.


As for the kitchen well dishes weren’t high on my priority list but they backlog is getting sorted. Overall I am actually pretty happy with it.

The lounge is a mess and the clothes airer isn’t helping appearances but tbh I am refusing to stress over it simply because our drier has died and so I am currently drying clothes etc anywhere I can especially with the weather here moving into winter which is notoriously wet and wild. So I am assuming that the airer is going to be a semipermanent fixture for the next few months.

The master bed is again a MESS but I am refusing to give myself a hard time (are you sensing a theme here? Do I protest too much?). It will come back to rights over the next few days I am hoping.

So on my task list for today is:

  • Vaccuming
  • Mopping the hard floors (all of them!)
  • Washing up to date while it is fine outside (it is due to rain tomorrow so I had better get a move on)
  • Start on assignments
  • Get my flash cards up to date with everything that I am learning… or not as the case may be.
  • Draft my next post about the home routines app on the iPhone!

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