Home Routines App

So anyone who has read more than one post of this blog has probably picked up on the fact that I’m a bit flighty. I tend to zoom around at a million miles per hour to ensure that I get everything done but because there is always so much to do and because I am more than a bit forgetful things tend to be forgotten or just plain not done. I am absolutely a perfectionist with a procrastination problem. But once I get something done it gets DONE!

Over the years I have tried a few different things to help me. The first was flylady.net now don’t get me wrong she is an awesome resource and very encouraging, but it just didn’t fit for me. I had to check my emails to find out what each days job was (and this was before smart phones and data plans so I actually had to log onto the computer) and then there was the small matter of me being a day ahead of her which just caused no end of upset for me. Point being she is amazing for allot of people but it just didn’t gel for me. Although I love her rubber scrubbas and highly recommend those too!

So then I went to the source and got the audio version of the SideTracked Home Executives book. Which is what Flylady is based on, she took their advice and ran with it and created a website out of it. I have listened to this book  probably about 40 times. What I love about it is that it comes from a place of understanding and love. This book is fantastic as a way to get started.

But I had one problem. My relationship with paper. Paper and I are kind of like the poles of a magnet, only not the north and south poles that are all lovey dovey and stick together, no more like 2 north poles. There is paper clutter all around me, I can see it and it can see me but I can never hold onto the right piece of paper at the right time. This is one of the reasons why I write in note BOOKS as opposed to on loose leaf paper (which lets face it avoids that whole having to write over the spine of the book conundrum) because I will loose my notes if they are loose. Doesn’t matter if they are in a folder or stapled together or whatever they will walk out of where they are meant to be and end up under the coffee table or something. Ugh. So the concept of a card file just felt like begging to be hit with a wet fish. I got hives thinking about it which is where this handy little app comes in.

The Home Routines App is currently $6.49 AUD in iTunes and it worth every single cent (before anyone asks this is not a sponsored post this is my own genuine opinion). I can tell the days that I actually use the app and follow my routines and the days that I don’t. On the days that I do use the app the house gets cleaned, the kids are clothed and fed on time and Moody gets his ADHD medication in time to not be a crazy person by the time he gets to school. On the days that I don’t we are Just like the families from the SHE book running down the street half clothed with assurances that I will run Moody’s lunch in to him later. On those days the house stays in CHAOS because I can’t figure out where the heck to start and I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW I got here.

Probably the best thing about the app though is how adaptable it is for people. For instance I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. So I have a task for just about everything.


I mean I have one to make my bed, take my medicine, to drink water…. EVERYTHING because specifically in the mornings I know I forget stuff and this helps to keep me on track, I know that if I can get all of those little stars filled in before 8am it’s gonna be a great day. For someone who isn’t as forgetful as I am they may only need half as many reminders but you can set it up however you want.

The other thing that I found when I first started using the app is that having a great big long list of things to get done was intimidating so I just didn’t start. To fix that I just have several lists


These lists help to keep me on track, and just like the headings say they all have to be done within certain timeframes. You can have each list reset on your own schedule or to show up on your own schedule so if you have jobs that have to specifically be done only on a Saturday you can create a list that resets it’s self at 3am Saturday morning (so that you can check during the following week to see which jobs you completed in case you want to tackle the ones that you didn’t get one.. if you are of course super productive) and that only shows up on a Saturday. I have reduced lists that show up on a Saturday and Sunday morning that basically cut out anything that isn’t an absolute must do.

The app also has Focus Zones which are again optional but they are essentially a place where you can group rooms in your house into between 5 and 7 zones and here you can list those deep cleaning jobs that you don’t want to do every week but once a month or once every 2 or 3 months is what you really need.


These are just a small listing of mine. Basically breaking up your spring cleaning so that you get it done more regularly and easier because it’s not in one great big heap.

Last but certainly not least you can open a FREE account with the app which will allow you to sync your progress over several different devices.YAY because I don’t know about anyone else but I am constantly losing my phone, my iPad, my mind. So usually when I have lost one or the other or alternately I have left them in one part of the house while working in the other I will open the app on both devices and just tick things off on which ever device is handy.

Can you tell how much I love this little piece of electronic wizardry? I said it above and I just wanted to re-iterate this isn’t a sponsored post. The makers of this app have never heard about me, but I love it that much that I am happy to give such a glowing review. I know my house isn’t perfect but this at least helps me to manage the chaos.

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