Monday Study Progress

Well the studying is actually going pretty well. I will absolutely admit to a little frustration around the lecture recordings. There have been a few lectures recently where the audio was either non-existent or incredibly bad but it’s not a huge problem just an inconvenience. I am at the moment waiting on the re-recording of a lecture from last week as the whole last half of the lecture just didn’t record! I really feel for the lecturers though as it must be incredibly frustrating for them as well.


As for my own study as in my own processes I have changed it up a bit. Originally I was reading the books and taking notes while doing that and then listening to the lectures and adding to my notes as I went which just resulted in really disjointed notes. So one of the advantages to studying externally is that with the recordings you can PAUSE the lecture and take notes at the same time! So now I get all of my reading done ahead of time as per usual but I have taken to all of my books with a highlighter in the last few weeks. I mark out anything that seems important in conjunction with the lecture outline that we are given ahead of time. Then I sit down and listen to the lecture and take notes at the same time. What that means is that I’m usually taking 2 to 3 times as long to listen through a lecture but I’m OK with that because my notes are so much clearer and easier to interpret. Then I will usually listen to the lecture through again later in the week. I am basically just always listening to a lecture or something related to my studies at the moment.

This morning has I must admit been a bit of a hash. I have both of the lectures for my Freud unit loaded up and sitting there but I am finding it so very hard to push play. So instead Mayhem and I decided to bake Banana bread. Which despite the mess and fuss has been much easier than learning about Conflict and Repression methods… ugh. I was going to include a picture of my very messy bench here but as it turns out my phone and my computer are just not playing nicely. So frustrating.

Actually I ended up having to completely restore my phone and then re-load everything as it just would not upload the lectures that I have been converting into podcasts… actually it wouldn’t copy any of the podcasts that I had on my computer to the phone… It would sync and then stall at the point where it was syncing photos for AGES and then it would finish the sync but nothing after that point was ever actually uploaded (this is a known fault which has been pointed out to apple, some of the threads on their support site are months old). GRRRR. So I have temporarily fixed it and will try to load my photos onto my phone again later but I really hope Apple gets this glitch fixed soon. So that may be why I am lacking in motivation today because I was up until ridiculous o’clock trying to get my phone to work!


The upside of course is that we will have banana bread this afternoon. What do you use to stall when you don’t want to get into your study?

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