Life goes on

So after the decline of my relationship I was worried about how the kids and I would get on.

I mean I have done the single mum thing before, but then I was employed, I had my own house and my own stuff. I didn’t have to worry about getting thrown out if the house wasn’t clean enough or if the lawns weren’t mowed. I wasn’t studying full time. But I am amazed that we are doing fine. There are stressors on the horizon, The Man has told me that his head may be on the chopping block at work which would be unfortunate. But at the moment not a huge issue for me, although I do feel for him, I know how much his job means to him. But for us it will mean that child support goes down the drain at least until he finds a new job. There is also the first rent inspection looming which is about a month away but so long as I can get the excess stuff out of the house before then we will be fine.

As for the day to day stuff here? Well the house is a shambles. There is cardboard EVERYWHERE and I have got a mountain of stuff that needs to be dropped to the storage facility including the air conditioner and my old set of office drawers (I have crammed everything into a storage box and the drawers of my new much smaller desk. I am also going to be listing allot of stuff on a pay it forward site because I don’t need it but I can see how it would be useful for someone else. But once I get rid of the excess stuff we will be much better off. Cleaning will be easier and the house will feel a whole lot less crowded. In the mean time I am attempting to just get everything in some sort of order.

I do have to confess to spending FAR too much money on clothes. In the last few weeks I have bought 3┬ánew dresses plus some new jeans and new knit wear. I am tired of looking like a frump all of the time, so I’m just not doing it any more. I need to feel like I am at least a little bit cute. I once again am feeling invisible, whenever I leave the house I have 3 little munchkins following me which isn’t exactly screaming “I’m available!! Ask me on a date!” and to top that off I have never been the type of girl that men wolf whistle at. I did have a look at a dating site but gave it away when I realised that I am no where near ready to date anyone. So my plan is to be invisible for a year or so. Get myself together and sorted, make sure that I am set and am feeling good then I will be taking myself by the scruff of the neck and launching myself right back into the dating scene. Until then I am going to attempt to make myself feel better by getting my wardrobe and appearance in order. I want to feel confident the next time I get out there.

I have got under 3 weeks until my ice skating lessons start and I am so excited. Uni goes back at around the same time which is also great. I am excited to start both new chapters in my life. I figure the ice skating will help with my weight loss stuff. So far since I started the blog I am down about 28 cm total. Although my weight has barely shifted. So as of tonight I am going to be doing the T25 program again. This time my first goal is to get through a full week. That is in addition to my running which is already helping me to get to where I want to be but I have realised that if I want to improve I need to be much more consistent with my running.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 1.54.28 pm

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