Sore sad and sorry for myself

So yesterdays ice-skating adventure has come back to bite me in the behind, literally.

I am so sore!! i obviously used muscles that I haven’t for a long time because my legs ache and my butt is tender and I have to admit my left arm which I fell on is sore as well, I must have shocked the muscles when I fell. But it still moves fine there is not clicking or grinding or anything so I think it is just muscle soreness. I can not wait to go back!

Today I was going through and re-checking all of the transactions on the credit card and couldn’t figure out what a direct debit that has been coming out for a few months was. Turns out that I am pretty damned sure that it is Ex’s gym membership… SOB!. He got it when we had a joint card and obviously never switched it over and has been allowing me to pay for his membership for the last 3 months… oh so kind. So I called to sort it out, and he didn’t answer, hasn’t texted a reply hasn’t bothered to even acknowledge the interaction. The only text or call he has deigned to send was on my birthday yesterday… and we all know how I felt about that.

I don’t know why I keep insisting to myself that he can actually act like an adult. He is a child in a grown ups body. This is the sort of stuff that I shouldn’t have to be dealing with! I shouldn’t have to chase up HIS direct debits. I shouldn’t have to be hounding him to sort his stuff out! It’s ridiculous.

I think high on my list of priorities for tomorrow is going to be getting out for a run. I need to work some of this frustration off and get myself together.


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