How fast does it go!

I MEANT to start posting again once we got into our own house… I meant to start posting once I had gotten us settled… I meant  to start posting once I got over the hump of those first few weeks of uni….

Yeah no.

So I’m back again. Time has passed, things have been great, and not great and then great again.

I have learned that I can indeed mow my own lawn, with my own mower and do the edges myself.

I have learned that I need to sometimes take a step back because going at 200 miles an hour isn’t always best.

I have learned that sometimes friendship is so much better than hopping into bed with someone (that one is for the adult viewers among us!).

I have learned that I adore my kids. Beyond the moon. I mean I already knew that but I have had it re-affirmed to me.

I have learned that The Man isn’t going to call when he says he will. We are currently going on 3 1/2 weeks radio silence, during which I have sent him several messages asking when he will be calling and informing him that  the kids caught the stomach virus that was going around.

I have learned that stomach viruses don’t give you a break just cause you need one.

The last few months have been great, and terrifying and awesome. I am growing to adore our little house despite the ripped linoleum and stained carpet. It is the smallest house I think I have ever lived in but it is perfect for right now.

So far in terms of study I am hanging on by my fingernails, but what else is new 2 weeks out from exams… but I have loved this semester, especially the self development unit, it definitely came around at the right time. I have been amazed at the things that I have learned about myself.

In terms of not study I have made a new friend who I shall call “The Russian”. He is alternately a consummate gentleman and a jerk. But he is turning out to be a great friend. He gives me the opportunity to flirt outrageously and be happy and silly with no expectations. He is fast becoming one of my favourite grown ups. But there is no chance of a romantic entanglement developing at this point, which is perfect.

I have been spending allot of time exploring whatever has caught my attention, so over the last few months I have done ice-skating, burlesque dancing and now I am exploring pole dancing which is harder than the pros make it look! My god those women are amazing!

As part of the burlesque course we had a photo shoot done which was so much fun, it allowed me to have a look at how I ACTUALLY look now given how I imagine I look. I am still bigger than I would like but getting there. I am not running as much as I was which is a shame because I would love to keep that up. I might need to have a chat with The Man’s parents when they get back about perhaps dropping the kids to them Saturday mornings so that I can get a run in… I don’t know.

But despite not being where I want to be I am steadily shedding cm. It has been a long journey but I am proud of what I have achieved so far.

I am once again behind on my study for exams by a couple of weeks so I’m cutting this short, but I wanted to drop in and say hi :).

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