Friday Fitness

Well since leaving the upside is that I have lost almost 2 dress sizes. Yay!

I have pretty much been sticking to my regular activities but while I was living with Mum I was running more and then afterwards I started doing my own activities which helped.

At the moment I am taking pole dancing classes and I tell you what those ladies who do this for a living…. wow! They must be a whole ‘nother level of fit! It is hard work! So I did a strength training class at the pole studio on Tuesday which was a challenge. I pulled up sore and sorry on Wednesday. I didn’t get anything done Wednesday or Thursday and today I doubled up and did a strength training class and then the pole dancing class…. I am going to be sore tomorrow! But I’m hoping that I can drop the munchkins with Mum on Sunday and go for a quick run… I can hope right?

Unfortunately I don’t have any recent progress photos… I will need to remedy that asap.

If you are looking for a new class to try for a bit of fun I can’t recommend pole dancing enough it is so much fun.

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