So how is my study ACTUALLY going

You know seeing as that is kind of in the title of the blog…

Well I got results back for one of my assignments which is 60%… not great, not terrible but not great. And as per usual after assignment season is finished I am behind in my study…. which is a terrible habit that I REALLY need to break! Because it is stressful not only during the assessment prep because I know I am falling behind and I am stressed about it but also the catch up is a cow!!

I have also clued into a few things. Firstly no I can’t study and chat online. Skype is my enemy and the Russian is the major contributor to my delinquency. So much so that when I disappeared off Skype on Friday and didn’t re-emerge he started texting asking if something was wrong…. oops. So I need to figure out how to moderate that a whole lot better.

All of that said though it has been a great week study wise, at least so far it has. I have knocked over 3 and a half lectures, contributed to discussion boards, printed readings for the lectures I haven’t done…. I am getting there.


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