Friday Fitness because Saturday fitness just sounds weird.

So I”m a day late and possibly a dollar short…. or several as it usually feels these days. ­čÖé

Tuesday I got my run in which was awesome, although I have to confess to walking the last km… I was exhausted. So my time kinda sucked. But it was a great run. On Friday┬áI got to my pole dancing class on time, and had a blast, this week we learned the sun-wheel spin and so I now have bruises on my shins (from re-hashing the fireman spin from last week) and new bruises behind my heels from the sun wheel. I have to say though I am loving my pole kisses. We are doing a photo shoot in week 5 so hopefully I will have something to show you after that.

As for the weekend I have to get the lawns mowed before my next rent-inspection next week. I am absolutely going to count that as exercise because pushing a heavy lawn mower around is hard work.

I am down 11 cm this week… after being up 6 the week before. So I will take that as a win.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 5.26.30 PM

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