Housework Thursday???? I am all screwed up!

Ugh, This week is getting away from me and I have to admit that yesterday was NOT a good day. I was all sorts of tied up in knots for some reason… I’m not exactly sure why. BUT I didn’t want to skip my housework post because I figure if nothing else it serves to show others that not everyone has the perfect house…


Anyway… The kitchen is pretty clean but I did leave dishes out from last night (it was a bad day…) but most of them are done so I will take that for a win. I am actually pretty proud of that kitchen because you have no idea how tempted I was just just say screw it and go to bed!

My coffee table seems destined to be covered in washing, seems to be it’s fate. I’m thinking I should probably rename it. Or move doing the washing allocation to the dining table that way it has to be cleared by the next meal time because I will be blowed if I am gonna let the Mess Makers on the carpet to eat (there is a very good reason they have that moniker!!).

I MADE MY BED!!! First thing this morning before I did anything else… well actually I turned off the alarm, then laid on the foot of the bed for a while resisting the urge to climb back in, then I made it.

My desk is a mess. There is no denying that fact, no running from it it is a pigsty, but I am in the middle of revision for exams.

You know now that I go over these photos and given that they were taken at 7am in the morning I am pretty darned proud of how they look. There was no prep involved, not rushing around to get things neat, no picking up just this one  thing before I take that shot…. :). For someone to whom housework does NOT come naturally this is not bad at all.

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