Christmas holidays so far

It has been a great few holidays so far. The kids and I have had a very relaxing few weeks at home. It has been positively blissful to not have to stress about reading or assignments or exams… Lovely. Although I must confess to feeling at a bit of a loose end during the days that the babies are at daycare, very lazy.

Moody has graduated from year 4 and will be moving into year 5 next year which is a good thing. He had a blast at his Christmas concert and was selected to ham it up as Elvis once again.

IMG_2534He did a great job even if I do say myself! He obviously also had a blast doing it.

We had the Out-Laws visit for Christmas morning which was fun and the kids FaceTimed the Ex. I made myself scarce and basically just reappeared to check on breakfast.


For breakfast though I was so proud I did breakfast casserole from here. Although I have to confess to just using Cheddar cheese and potato gems and it turned out great anyway. Followed by cinnamon scrolls that I made up ahead of time and then popped into the oven in the morning when we got up. I didn’t take any pictures of it all though which is a bit of a bummer.

After that it was to my Mum’s for lunch which was pretty low key as we had already done a big feast the weekend before when she had her Aunts to visit (so my great aunts and my kids great,great aunts).  But the kids had a blast first opening presents and then swimming for the rest of the afternoon.

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Last but certainly not least was my Dad’s house where the kids were once again spoiled rotten.

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You might be able to see in the photo of Mischief sitting down in front of the TV in yet another costume, this was the next day, she pretty much was dressed in costumes for a week straight!

Since then we have kept it pretty quiet. It has been lovely to be at home with the munchkins and just chilling rather than running to school and daycare and then back. But I have to admit I do miss some of the hustle and bustle.

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