So what do I do when I’m stressed… add more!

So after the eventful year last year the Christmas break from uni and school has been kinda restful – I say kinda because although I love the kids having them all home all the time has been challenging. They are typical kids and are pushing boundaries (like pouring water on the carpet… and putting dirty footprints on the ceiling… yup). 

But all in all it has been lovely to have them at home. Mind you everyone has been confined to their room for the afternoon. Mainly because I am tired of the boundary pushing.

But aside from the stress caused by The Ex dodging the kids calls, and boundary pushing things have been pretty easy sailing. So just to ramp up the stress levels I decided to add to my study load… which was oh so smart.

I have been wanting to do a Life Coaching course for a while now. So I signed up to do exactly that. A diploma in Life Coaching online through one of the colleges here. I am pretty excited and also more than a little scared because HELLO I already have an almost full-time study load. But what is a couple more classes right?



In addition to that over Christmas I announced that my goal is to run a half marathon this year. I have my training plan waiting in the wings, I have my family prepped to sit the kids on alternate Saturdays so that I can get a long run in. I have everything set to go. Now I just need to make it happen.

So those are my two goals for the coming year, get my Diploma started and maintain my current study levels at Uni and also to get my first half marathon under my belt. Ambitious? Yup. Doable… I will let you know.

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