Goals progress

So in July of 2015 I set myself some goals for the upcoming 12 months.

  • HD or D results for all subjects in both upcoming semesters
    • Spent at least an hour studying each day, focus on study while kids are at daycare/school for the 2 days a week they are there.
  • Start playing with the guitar I’ve had it for about 7 years, time to dust it off and figure it out!
    • Explore garage band on my Mac and see if I can learn the basics from that.
  • Complete 3 ice-skating courses each one is 8 weeks long
    • I am booked in to start TOMORROW!! So excited.
  • Finish restoring bedroom suite and start on dining table
    • This is going to have to wait until summer break from uni
  • Be a more attentive mother.
    • I am banning mobile devices from the dining table
    • One planned outing each weekend
    • attempt to get one on one time with each of them during the week.

I figure no point in setting goals if you don’t follow up on them.

So so far I have followed through on the first one. I got a Distinction in my last semester and am fully prepped to do even better this coming semester.


I still haven’t picked up that darned guitar and with the extra study load I have picked up this year I am really not confident about the amount of time required to get a good base in it at all… so I think I might have to let that one slide.

I have completed the first Ice-skating course. But according to the teacher our class completed the 2 basic classes and got most of the way through the third before our time was done. I confess to piking out once they started expecting us to go backwards… there is something about not being able to see where I was going that freaked me out. So I call this one complete :).

I haven’t started on the restoration yet. But today is fine and cool enough that I am pretty sure that I can get through quite a bit of the stripping required…. so today may just be the day.


As for being more attentive… I have my good days and I have my bad days. I am certainly getting much better at not having devices at the table which is a great start. As for the outings each weekend I slacked off that over the summer holidays. It is something that I really need to focus on getting back to because it is something that we all enjoy and it helps to keep the kids sane. That is my main focus for the next few months. The one on one time hasn’t really been happening, that is probably where I feel like I am really falling down.


Overall considering that the last few months have been challenging emotionally and time wise I am fairly happy with my progress…

So right now I am going to go and strip the last of that ugly paint off my bedside tables. Have a great one.


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