Everyone is together!

So for the first time ever all of my kids are at the same school.

I was so proud to have them all dressed up in their uniforms, they all looked so cute together. Really adorable.

Truthfully I was expecting a bit of drama from Mayhem considering that he is my anxious child. But he was SO excited to finally go to his new school I didn’t think it even occurred to him to stress out. He went straight to the class and settled in with barely a backwards glance.

I wasn’t expecting an issue from Mischief but she was the once who ended up with cold feet the poor little darling (hence the pouty face in the photos!). Now that we are a couple of days in she is getting into the groove and had a great time telling me about learning to sing the “S” song this afternoon on the trip home but that first morning was a doozy complete with tears and begging to go home, positively heartbreaking. But as I said she has come good.

Moody was happy to take photos but was happier I think to get to go and play with his friends before class started. He is one of a kind. Hard to believe he is in year 5 now!! They grow up so fast!

I am so lucky to be able to have these little guys in my life, they are my favourite people big or small and I wouldn’t trade them for anything or anyone.

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