iPhones are like cats

So I figured out that my iPhone is a bit like a cat. Mostly in that it doesn’t like water.

I managed to very successfully in my sleep addled state yesterday knock my phone off the bathroom bench directly into the bottom of the shower. I FREAKED OUT!! Grabbed it shook it like a polaroid (name that song people!).


Then I turned it off.

Then I ran to the kitchen (completely starkers thank goodness all the kids were asleep) and frantically searched for a container big enough for it (eleventy billion containers and yet finding one to fit one measly little phone was insane!). and then the rice… I always have rice, I have a HUGE container in my cupboard for all of my rice (it is the biggest container in the whole danged pantry!) yet on the one morning when I REALLY needed it barely a grain was to be found.

In the end in my frantic googling I found out that a dehydrator is your best bet, I don’t have one of those but I figured that the next best option was to pop the container of rice and phone into the grill section of my stove (I have an all in one) and then put the oven on really really low.

Seems to have worked a treat because my darling, lovely wonderful phone is now operational again. Hallelujah! Picture me sighing a HUGE breath of relief.



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