Rent inspection yet again.

Well I am back to stressing. I have another rent inspection on Monday which is positively joyous! Mind you I keep telling myself it could be worse! I could have the agent from hell… actually I have no idea if I have the agent from hell or not, the last girl to come out wasn’t my agent, she was a fill-in. Hopefully this time I get to meet the actual agent for this property, but on the phone at least she sounds positively delightful.

I have finally gotten into Mayhem and Mischief’s room to clear it out, they had a huge overflow of toys after Christmas and Mayhem’s birthday which meant that the floor has basically been covered ever since. This really is a tiny little house and I REALLY don’t have room for anything else. So I trashed some of their older toys, anything that was missing pieces or broken in some way has hit the trash. Anything that I can’t remember them playing with in recent history but that is intact went into the op-shop box. Although there are some things that I am torn about, their wooden Thomas train set which has heaps of track and they do haul it out occasionally although not for a couple of months now. Or their duplo set which we have 2 boxes worth of bricks give or take but they only pull those out occasionally (I think they are old enough to start collecting Lego instead…

Moody’s room is on the list to be hit but I have had to put it off for a little while because before I can make a proper assessment of what he should chuck the kid needs some storage. I have a trofast unit from Ikea that needs to be put together but there is absolutely no point in doing it until we get the bins that go inside it and they were out of stock last time I was there. Hopefully when we get this months child support from his father I can grab a few bins along with one of the small billy bookcases to pop all of his books into and that should solve a majority of the problem.

My room also needs to be tackled because of the overflow from the other rooms taking up residence. But it is nowhere near as bad as it has been in the past which I am grateful for. But I could do with a chuck session in there as well. Things like MOUNTAINS of Avon stuff that I got when I was a representative, most of which I doubt I will ever use. Bits and pieces from a half dozen different things, none of which add up to anything but I have kept for some goodness only knows what reason. But most of the mess is created by me not making my bed and the eleventy billion pillows I have but there is no way on this planet I am getting rid of those!

Finally I need to find places in my kitchen for all of the containers and stuff that my mum gifted me with when she replaced her stuff. I have already chucked a whole heap of stuff into the op shop bin (Truthfully even 10 dinner plates is probably overkill given that my kids don’t eat off dinner plates and we rarely if ever have visitors and my one and only table only seats 6 anyway) but there is more stuff that I can actually see us using and so can’t bear to throw away but at the same time THERE IS NO ROOM!!

I am also working REALLY hard on getting much more organised this year. I realised on Saturday that the electronic tracking of everything just is not working for me anymore. I don’t have the brain power for it. I am all for going paperless as much as possible but for me in this time of life right now it is a very bad idea. I realised this when I had the sudden realisation that we had hit the end of January and I HADN’T PAID THE CAR REGISTRATION!! I knew it was due some time in January and HELLO February and I hadn’t paid it, not only that but I didn’t have money put aside for it.  Cue freakout and frantic searching on the relevant website to discover that in fact my car was 3 whole days out of registration!! Excuse the exclamation marks but here that is a massive fine and they will simply take the plates off the car there and then, at which point it needs to be towed not driven home and then towed to the inspection centre and re-inspected!! All of which costs mega bucks that I simply do not have! I figured out how to solve the problem after spinning my metaphorical wheels for most of the day but it was not a pleasant experience. I realised that this sort of stuff just didn’t happen when I used to use my filofax. These days I am busier probably than I have ever been between kids, uni, TAFE, house stuff it all seems to be piling on top of me – and semester hasn’t even started yet!

So I have spent a bit of time considering whether to make the jump or not and finally decided that In need some thing that works. It is that simple and electronic just no longer does. So I went into deep researcher mode (ha ha!).  I loved my filofax for the flexibility of it and so while I did consider (and I definitely drooled over) the Erin Condren planners I knew with everything I would want to include it wasn’t the best idea. So I started looking at binder systems. There are so many options these days!! In the end I settled on a Wellness Planner from Kiki K. I love the colours (a very light dove grey on the outside and the inside is a muted aqua/teal colour) and allot of the reviews on youtube and online are really positive. Of course I have ripped out allot of the guts of the planner and am in the process of re-working it to suit my needs. I will share once it has settled (I only got it today and I haven’t even got all of my inserts yet!).

Anyway that is everything that is happening in the world of us!

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