Everything’s going so well!

Well so much has gone so right and a couple of things are just plain old messed up right now.

So lets start with the things that are going right… firstly uni is back on!! Yay! I am thoroughly enjoying my reading and what have you. I feel like I have a purpose again!

The kids are going great guns at school. Mischief has gotten 2 good behaviour awards! I am beyond proud of that kid, she is such a little fire cracker. Truely amazing. Plus that smile! I am pretty sure that she is more than a little proud of herself as well. She loves earning the awards and the fuss that gets made when they award them in class each week.


Moody has been doing swimming lessons and is making progress that we can see when he is swimming at¬†Nanna’s house. Consistently this week that has been his “high” for the day which is lovely to see. He is developing a bit of a tan which is something I am trying to keep an eye on. He is a really pale kid and so I don’t want him getting¬†burnt.

Even Mayhem is slowly settling. He is still a bit funny about being dropped off at daycare for the day but that said he goes and has fun while he is there. He is less than impressed that I have booked him in for his vaccinations on Friday but I’m sure that he will survive.

Oh and I had a magic run this morning. I was beyond thrilled with it. Firstly the weather was cool and that always makes life easier. Then (and this is going to make me sound super weird) it rained and I LOVE running in the rain. I was set for 3 minute runs with a 2 minute rest today and it went by so fast. My normal route is just under 5km and I was so pleased with my time I felt like I could have kept going. I am also loving how my Garmin calendar is looking. It’s the most consistent that I have been in MONTHS which is actually pretty sad but I am still stoked, it can only go up from here right?


The other great thing about my running is that Mum took the MessMakers on Saturday night which meant that I was all by myself on Sunday morning…. so I managed to get to the local national park and go for a run. It was divine. I managed to cover 8km and I felt fantastic afterwards. This is the view part-way through my run, I had bits and pieces of that view for the first half of the run and then gorgeous bushland for the rest.



As for the messed up part, I STILL haven’t had the rent inspection. 3 times it has been rearranged and 3 times she just hasn’t shown up, no phone call no text with an explanation she just doesn’t show. RUDE! I am over it because 3 times now I have put a heap of extra effort into the house and it is all for nothing (seriously the kids couldn’t care less about if the walls are smudged or there are weeds in the garden beds!). Grrr. But the part that ticks me off is the lack of manners. If you can’t make it then that’s fine but at least call me and let me know!

All in all it has been a pretty great few weeks. We are finally starting to feel settled and I am starting to really get into the swing of this single parenting thing.

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