Only in dreams…

This past week has been allot of fun.

The Russian and I had a chance to go to another class over the weekend which was amazing. We both learned a tonne of new things and I was so pleased to have an opportunity to see him again as it’s been over a month since we have seen each other. I also got to meet his new girlfriend who is really cute! She is lovely and funny and she seems sweet. He certainly seems smitten with her which is wonderful to see. I also met someone new, there is nothing to report on but he is the first guy in a while to even strike a chord with me which was a nice feeling to have. As I have said before I am certainly not looking to date, but it’s nice to feel alive IYKWIM?

While I was off doing that the kids were with my Dad and Step-Mum and went to see a movie, in the end they settled on Aladdin which was in the cinemas again. They had a blast. It was so lovely that they got to see a movie from my childhood brought back to the big screen. They are amazing little people. Mischief was ecstatic because she got to bake cupcakes with her Grandma, and to decorate them as well. I have to say they were delicious!

Last night I have to admit was a challenge. I had a horrible nightmare that had me waking up at 3am sweating and breathing heavily, it was incredibly gory and violent. The nightmare had a happy ending though, and now that I have had a chance to unpack it I can see the symbolism in allot of the small details that were so vivid in the dream. Things like the way people were dressed and the settings and positioning of different people in relation to one another. I can now see how Freud and Jung saw dreams as being so very important, but I am intrigued because allot of what would mean nothing to someone else, had obvious and  heavy meanings in my dream, symbolism that was really personal and relevant only to me. Overall the message in the dream was positive, about overcoming and endings and walking towards new beginnings. I am glad that I took the time to really think about it and sit with it for a while rather than just brushing it off as just another weird dream. Mind you it probably helped that it was so vivid that i could still clearly recall it even a couple of hours after I really woke up for the day.

The MessMakers are all very settled in school and are all very happy. They are all doing so well. I am slowly finding my tribe at school, with two of the mothers from the kindy class being very welcoming this morning and having spent time chatting with a couple of mum’s in the prep class as well over the last few weeks. It has been lovely. As always there are some snobbish mothers who have made it very clear that they have no interest in me (without even getting to know me) but this year it bothers me less than it has previously. The one in particular I am thinking of is a PTA mum who has been out and out dismissive and rude. But never mind.

Mischief has now got 2 loose teeth (the tooth fairy is going to go broke i swear!), she is so excited. She keeps showing me how wobbly they are and how loose they are getting. I swear she might just rip one of them out in sheer frustration if they don’t drop out on their own soon!

In terms of study this last week has been a bit of a wash, I am settling back in but it is taking time and to be honest today was the worst, I was supposed to be studying but instead I spent most of the day navel gazing and internet gazing… oops. But I plan to get stuck in after the kids are asleep tonight and get some work done to get me in the right frame of mind for tomorrow. No matter there is always a settling in period to get done with in the early weeks of the semester.

Hopefully everyone else’s studies are off to a smoother start.


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