Yes and no and maybe


Well the Tinman picked up the phone this week. Right on schedule. He is becoming predictable, 5 weeks of no contact and then he answers week 6… but the kids were all happy to speak to him which makes me happy. Although thankfully everyone was pretty much ready to go before he called which meant that we could simply walk out the door once they were all done. Mind you Mischief’s hair wasn’t done yet and so she went to school in a ponytail…. it wasn’t so bad today because we had a heap of hairspray in it thank goodness, but some days she ends up looking like a little mad scientist



I am definitely thinking that braiding is the much better option. Although we must be doing something right because the kids have remained nit free so far. Probably has something to do with the decrease in washing of their hair (we are down to every 3rd day or so with swimming in the various family pools in-between) and especially for Mischief but I sometimes do the others as well a decent coat of hair-spray every day. My Ex-MIL is a teacher and has done it for years. She apparently has never had nits and swears by the hair spray. I will take the advice because seriously I would do anything to avoid having to deal with the little blighters.

The braiding of Mischief’s hair has come in handy for my own as well. I have been wearing my own hair braided more often than not of late, either that or up in a loose messy bun, both are styles that I have only just mastered, and for the bun I still need to use a crap-tonne of hair pins but it is getting better as I go along. What has been really helpful has been discovering magic scroos they are AMAZING!! Absolutely phenomenal. As a result they are also all over my house. Which can be a little problematic, I ended up having the worst nights sleep the other night because one had snuck it’s way into my bed. But the worst part of it is that obviously laying on them isn’t something they are designed for and so I woke up to a ruined pin! Boo Hoo! I have looked through and I cannot find a picture of me with either of those styles… I obviously do not take enough selfies! But I have to say that I love this picture of me and Mayhem. I know I look tired but this was literally first thing in the morning so I wasn’t wearing any makeup or anything but I just love the memory attached.


Uni has been challenging this week but I have been fairly disciplined about getting through it all, 3 lectures down so far, I want to cover off at least 2 more before the end of the weekend. We shall see how that goes. Mind you I conquered my fear of Research Methods and actually opened up R (a statistics program that we are using to plot graphs and stuff). It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It is still really intimidating (you can actually SEE the code…. yipes!) but I have hope that I can get through it. Mind you I was really impressed with some of the “fun” things that the lecturer showed us that has been done with the program

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.48.39 PM

The cake that you see in the lower right corner was created with plot points (or data points) on a graph…. I can’t even imagine the amount of time that it took to create that. Honestly I don’t want to know. But I am impressed nonetheless.

Reading about Anna Freud and Marie Klein has been interesting too, especially delving deeper into the object relations theory that Klein is known for. I was going to say that she created it but that doesn’t exactly “feel” right because allot of her work was an expansion of Sigmund Freud’s work… then again some of it was a complete knock down and re-build of his work…. This weeks reading has been a little easier than last weeks and I can only put that down to the idea that we feel blocked when we can relate too closely with what is being read. I often felt blocked while going through last weeks reading, I couldn’t settle, I couldn’t get into the readings almost as if my brain were quietly having a mexican stand-off with my will. At the moment I am not sure who is going to win.


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