Drowning in the uni work.

Life is crazy busy and I LOVE it.

The Mess Makers have been at school for a while now and we are finally settling into a groove. We have got our mornings pretty much sorted, breakfast, medicines, teeth, uniforms (because we have had a few disasters doing teeth after uniforms), hair, lunches and out the door! Same with afternoons, changing, snacking, homework, playtime, dinner, showers and bed by 7pm for the littles and 8 pm for Moody. After which I collect all of the uniforms and wash them each night, to be hung on the airer inside along with the usual dishes and tidying and extra study. By the time I get all of that done it is usually 10:30 to 11:00 at night and I am ready to drop. But it is getting better. I think the trick though is self discipline in getting the washing on earlier and hung up earlier.

The Mess Makers all had a crazy hair day at school on Thursday. It was so much fun. We did their hair in the morning and then at about 11am the school held a parade for everyone to show off their easter bonnets and hair. Moody was big on having a spiral in his hair so we carried on with that theme and I just went random with Mayhem and he ended up looking like an easter egg. But Mischief’s hair was the big draw for me (for years I have been waiting for this!! There is only so much you can do with short hair on a boy!!) so I went all out and we ended up with 2 goofball pigtails with the bottom chalked in bright pink, the tails in purple (which was really dark… a bit of a bummer) and her fringe tucked to the side in bright blue). She loved it until Moody laughed at her which sent her into a spin and it took me and 3 teachers and 4 classmates to get her into the classroom. But in the end she was happy because she ended up with an award and on the front page of the school newsletter. Her teacher thought with the easter hat she ended up looking a bit like the queen of hearts. I floated the idea of perhaps attempting a cheshire cat look for next year but she is not liking it yet… I will have to just convince her that it’s the best idea ever.

Uni is starting to get full-on with the assignments approaching, but I am kinda keeping up… It will be interesting to see how I get along once school holidays are here, thankfully though my mid-semester break is scheduled with their first week of holidays so there is only really one week to worry about. Research methods is once again my bug bear for the semester but I am getting through it. But I have an assignment due Sunday afternoon so I am supposed to be doing that right now instead of writing here… oh well.

The assignment is a group assignment and my part is methods/techniques for engaging with teenagers. It has been interesting to research but an expensive assignment to do as I had to purchase office 365 which was $99 but that will last me for 4 years with a student discount so I will take it. I suppose the advantage is now I know that my formatting will be on point and not screwy due to exporting from pages… that is a plus.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.45.30 AM

Then once this assignment is done I have another one due 2 weeks later and a third due soon after that. Then it is exam time again. But for the first time I don’t feel overly stressed or rushed… perhaps I am in denial? That is entirely possible because I am NEVER usually this laid back during semester. Hell I never usually write this much during semester.I am wondering if part of it is due to feeling less overwhelmed than usual due to having everything noted down in my planner? That could have something to do with it.

Running hasn’t been happening. In fact I got out once last week due to a late season heatwave, then the day after I went to the gym and did Day 1 of the Ashy Bines Booty Challenge and I could barely walk for 2 days after…. which is a good sign. After that it was the weekend and I decided that I might as well look into yoga again, originally I was just going  to buy a few DVD’s but I found a website which allows me to stream different programs for a monthly fee and there are HUNDREDS of them, I can never use the excuse I am bored! I have been doing it morning and night ever since (so for 3 whole days now!! come-on that is practically forever right?). I don’t know what it is about this type of exercise but I generally have sweat POURING off me once I am done. This mornings routine was an AM pilates/yoga fusion and it was only 18 minutes long but by the end I could feel the sweat rolling off me. But there has been precious little change over the last few months. I am definitely not at my smallest (heck my shorts tell me that!!) but I can take solace that I am also not back where I was before! Although I really do need to be more consistent about the outfits that I take my progress pictures in…. that would be helpful! And I get the feeling that wearing black is cheating!


We have a busy Easter weekend planned with Moody at his father’s until Easter Sunday, meanwhile we have the Out-Laws coming for breakfast and an egg hunt on Saturday morning, followed probably by Mum’s house Sunday morning once Moody is back and then Sunday afternoon with Dad’s family. Busy busy busy.

Today is part assignment work and part cleaning in preparation for the Out-Laws visit. Tomorrow will be fielding the munchkins and more assignment work and then Sunday is submission and family day.

I am super excited. The Russian and I have signed up for a class coming in July which is going to be fantastic!! It’s a 3 day workshop held with an internationally recognised expert in the field!! I am beyond excited. It is also looking at being a really challenging weekend. Of course I am going to need to organise babysitters for the weekend so I will ask around.  I’m not sure who will be available though. But I will have to work it out because I am SO NOT MISSING THIS CLASS!


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