It’s all yellow

I am still neck deep in reading, watching, note taking and generally learning what I need to know. It’s all really fascinating.

This weeks topic for one subject is gestalt therapy which is fascinating but I do worry about the fact that most of my reading documents seem to be highlighted this week. ALL of it seems important. Mind you the writing is very to the point with very little fluff which is a nice change from the norm.

Gestalt Therapy is very interesting but at the moment seems rather vague. I am sure that it will be refined as we go along but I am concerned that I am not grasping the concepts well enough. I love the idea though of treating the whole person, taking into account their environment and internal landscape but not treating their history as all encompassing but rather something that merely frames the present rather than determining it.

I have to wonder if perhaps my brain is working through the last of the separation nonsense in a similar manner to empty chair exercises that are promoted in Gestalt therapy. I often find myself muttering under my breath about Tinman’s behaviour. I am not sure if it helps to be honest. Mind you my mutterings about him leaving and his behaviour towards me are becoming far less frequent and these days it tends to revolve much more around his neglect of the children and his avoidance of the Child Support Agency and his lying about his income and deliberate reduction of it. But I am also aware that there is nothing I can do about those things. None of it is within my control so I am gradually letting it go. Not my monkey not my circus.

This week I have had the Mess Makers home for the first two days which has been lovely. I hope they have had fun as well although we did stay at home rather than going out. At one stage we had Skylanders figurines spread over most of the TV unit and 3 children frantically screaming at the TV while two of them were wielding the controllers. Not a great environment for reading and study but very entertaining! I will be looking towards going out to do something fun (even if it’s just going to a new park) next weekend, I think they really need to burn off some energy.

They had a lovely Easter and were spoiled as I expected by the family. The Out-Laws came over along with “old grandma” for Saturday morning as planned and once again I served the breakfast casserole which went down well. Then there was lots of playing and talking. I showed off my planner which had Mother Outlaw impressed (she is a teacher so stationary for her is much like stationary for me – for her next birthday I should buy her a voucher for office works! 🙂 ) . The kids were thrilled to get to spend some time with their grandparents which is always lovely.

Sunday was split between my parents, I took some extra hunting eggs with me to Mum’s house and they did a hunt there and received their pyjamas which they were none to impressed by but I was very grateful. Then on to Dad’s house where the kids got more pyjamas and another hunt. They have had so much chocolate that I swear they are going to turn into little cadbury eggs themselves but they have enjoyed the break from “good” food.

This week is looking to be a good one, I need to get as much done as possible in the next 3 days because next week the Mess Makers will be off school for the holidays which is of course going to cause mayhem with my studies but such is life right? There are worse ways to be interrupted that is for sure.

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