Another week

We officially have a new normal. I can’t believe it has taken this long for me to feel “normal”.

It feels normal to wake up in my smaller bed (This one is a queen as opposed to the giant king sized) with it’s super soft and snuggly memory foam pad. I no longer wake up and look to the other side of the bed these days I wake up and will generally look at the photo of the kids that I have framed by the side of the bed. It makes me smile.

Our morning routine hasn’t changed from before, at all. He was never home in the mornings, always gone before the kids and I started moving for the day. So that has always felt like much of a muchness, although there have been changes that have come later in the form of more lunches to pack, more bags to chase, more kids to ensure are dressed and looking semi presentable. But that is all par for the course I suppose, kids will grow… although sometimes I do wish that I could freeze them right HERE! Mind you I also wanted to do that 6 months ago, and I will probably want to do it 6 months from now. It is amazing how much more I notice the kids at the moment, I am constantly just marvelling at the moment about how perfect they are… and yes I know how insane I sound right now.

I mean seriously how can I NOT love those faces?

Day to day life is different this year. The kids are out of the house at least 4 days a week (excluding holidays of course and I am so grateful term is back in session right now :)). So most mornings I either run (or at least I was!) or go to the gym. Then it’s study time… supposedly. But honestly I am loving the extra time to be getting my study done. I feel more on top of things this year. I am loving the freedom to be able to go to the shops by myself (because as much as I adore my kids grocery shopping with them is still murder!!)

Afternoons are the same with small changes either coming or here already. We already have more playdates than we used to have. We have hockey training twice a week and games on Saturday mornings.  But again normal. We sit and do homework and the kids play outside most days on the trampoline or the orbital tennis set that their grandparents got for them.

Evenings can still be tough. Both before and after the Mess Makers are in bed. Before because while there was little to no help in the evenings there was that concept of having backup if that makes sense? I still did most of the cooking and cleaning up and bathing and showering and dressing but during dinner he was there to talk to and to occupy the kids now that falls to me. The evenings can be lonely once everyone else in the house is in bed… but that was expected I suppose… mind you study is the great distraction :). It occupies most of my time when the kids aren’t around, and some of it when they are around to be honest.

It has been a wild ride but I am really grateful that we are finally settling down.

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