In my 35th year

I have just had a birthday, my 34th which I think makes this my 35th year on the planet. it was really lovely. It is my second since Tinman left. I received some lovely gifts including the gift that I gave myself which is a macbook air (my iMac finally bit the dust so really it was a necessity but calling it a gift makes it seem sweeter).  But from family I received some really thoughtful and precious gifts, some of them were entirely unexpected which was lovely.

Last year I sat down and posted about my goals going forward:

  • HD or D results for all subjects in both upcoming semesters
    • Spent at least an hour studying each day, focus on study while kids are at daycare/school for the 2 days a week they are there.
  • Start playing with the guitar I’ve had it for about 7 years, time to dust it off and figure it out!
    • Explore garage band on my Mac and see if I can learn the basics from that.
  • Complete 3 ice-skating courses each one is 8 weeks long
    • I am booked in to start TOMORROW!! So excited.
  • Finish restoring bedroom suite and start on dining table
    • This is going to have to wait until summer break from uni
  • Be a more attentive mother.
    • I am banning mobile devices from the dining table
    • One planned outing each weekend
    • attempt to get one on one time with each of them during the week.


Some of these things that I listed I have achieved or I am happy with the effort that I put in:

  • I am happy with the effort that I put into my course work this year. Especially regarding committing to regular study. This year is about fine-tuning my habits and organisation.
  • I haven’t started playing with the guitar. It will happen at some point :).
  • I did end up completing the iceskating courses, albeit all in the one set of lessons. But as much as I enjoyed the lessons I couldn’t get over my fear of attempting to go backwards. But it was an enjoyable thing to learn a bit about.
  • I haven’t made any headway on re-finishing anything. Which I am disappointed about. but I am not going to beat myself up about it.
  • I think I am doing better at being attentive. Less stress and more stability helps.

Going forward I have some of the same goals some different ones. This year I want to:

  • Improve my grades to a HD to D average. I am going to do this by getting some help with my academic writing style. This seems to be where I am falling down. That and my referencing.
  • Get a job! I need to get back into the market again.
  • Re-finish the bedroom suite. This is going to have to mostly wait until summer so that it will all dry and cure at a reasonable rate.
  • Keep the house up to scratch, it has been a rough year and at times the house has suffered, mainly vacuuming and the floors. I am determined that that is going to change. First on the list is getting the lawn tackled.
  • I want to be reading to the kids every day. At the moment that just isn’t happening but when I make time for it we all enjoy it. It is a great way to kill 15 to 20 minutes and the bonding that happens is of course amazing. With Moody though we have started playing chess each night, one game only. For someone so young he plays pretty well. I am proud of how fast he is learning to strategise.

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy with a return to uni as well as a rent inspection due on the 5th of August. I want the house and yard spotless which means weeding and mowing and cleaning (oh my!). But it will be good to be able to get it back to a clean slate again. The Messmakers and I have started already weeding the front garden bed, they wanted to know how much they were getting paid to do the weeding (my darling mother pays them 50c to weed her GIANT yard) and I replied that I am not the only one living here so why should I be the only one working on maintaining the yard? They weren’t too happy with that reply but I think it should stand!


Here’s to creating a great 35th year on the planet 🙂

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