Finally back to studying!

Yeah I am not going to believe that I titled this that way in 3 months either. Or more likely I am going to look back and laugh!


I have got 3 units on the go this semester:

  • Cross Cultural Differences (I am taking a second bite at that apple)
  • Developmental Psychology; and
  • Individual Differences

I won’t say that I am overly confident but then again I never am at the beginning of semester so that is nothing new. Although I am kind of excited about¬†getting into the course materials. I have been reading through the texts during the holidays and they are really interesting for the most part ;). I am happy that we have such great subjects. Although Cross Cultural Differences is requiring me to keep a journal again… that is something I could have done without but minor details right?

I am taking a different approach to my study this year and am attempting to amalgamate all of the details onto just a few sheets of paper rather than having to look through ALL of the paper to find a few details. So to further that end I have created the sheet below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.32.33 PM

Really basic but it gets each weeks requirements all on the one page. Excuse the blank column but the syllabus for that unit isn’t available yet (we don’t officially start for another week so they are waiting until then because they are MEAN!). I am hoping that this is going to help me to feel less overwhelmed because all I have to tackle is one row. Tick things off and get them done.

I have also created these project sheets, I use one per project that I have and that I need to get done, not just uni projects (although that is what this one is filled in for obviously) but regular things as well like planning birthday parties (the next one coming up is Mischief’s) and anything that is a multi-part job that I need to keep a hold of and know where I am at.


I actually made these up at the end of last year and they were so helpful just to be able to break everything down and really see exactly what is needed. I also have a list of projects ordered by date which allows me to see due dates in relation to one another.

I have also made up a little printable list of all of my tasks which is double sided, so morning tasks go on one side and evening tasks on the other. It contains things like teeth brushing and doing hair and morning dishes, wiping the table etc. All of the little every day things which I normally do but NORMALLY I will forget something or one child will be asked to brush twice and get upset about it and feel persecuted while another gets off scot free. Being able to check everything off keeps me accountable to myself and lets me see what I still need to get done and how we are tracking for the day.

Hopefully all of these things added to the DIYFish inserts that I bought last month will help to keep me on track. The proof is in the pudding though.

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