So I have decided that either interviewing has gotten allot harder in the last 7 years or I was just REALLY lucky in the past! 

I just went for my first interview in years (I actually only got out about a half hour ago) and it was TERRIBLE! It was a panel interview which is a first for me, and so intimidating. First I got 15 minutes in a room alone to think about the answers to the questions that they gave me printed on a piece of paper ahead of time. I think that was supposed to be helpful but in reality it was just unnerving. About 7 minutes in I realised that I hadn’t left the car seats for the mess makers with my mum so I had to call her (way to go Idiot!).  Then go back to the questions. By the time I got in there I was a nervous wreck and it showed I think.

But what’s done is done and I suppose I will see what happens when I get the call back. I am hoping that it went better than I think it did.

The upside is that I had time before the interview to dash off to Portmans which is a local clothing chain and grab a suit jacket which helped me feel like I looked more the part, I will go back next week and grab the matching skirt and pants to go with (thanks to Dad who gave me a voucher for my birthday!). The only problem I had with my clothes was my shoes which are currently causing me to want to gnaw my feet off at the ankles. I need to remember that just because they look cute does not mean they will be wearable… Mind you if I could just stretch them a little bit they would be awesome!  And they are very cute.

Meanwhile the Messmakers have presumably had a blast with my mum who picked them up from school for me (thank you Mum!) and took them back to her house. I am so grateful for the support. I am beyond lucky to have the people around me that I do.

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