And how the worm turns

So the last update that I did was months ago, lots of things have changed in that time some of it great, some of it interesting, some of it not so good. But mostly it’s just life.

The biggest news I suppose is that Tinman was arrested. Yup you read that right. Apparently the police think that the fire at the pub was his doing. That he arranged for the robbers to attack him, to drag him into the pub office where he shut down the cameras and then they all set the place on fire. It has been HUGE news in my part of the world that this happened. For a little while there¬†the story was on the morning and evening news and he has had some major charges brought against him including arson, arson endangering life, and fraud for 3 million dollars. lI am going to say right up that I believe that he is guilty. I wouldn’t have believed it aside from the fact that his childhood best friend is in jail right alongside him. He was the one who recruited the attackers. I know them both and I can’t conceive of a scenario where his friend would even think about doing this by himself. But thankfully the kids and I are on the periphery of this. Right now he isn’t calling anyone or having visitors so there is really very little impact on us at all. The kids rarely saw him or spoke to him anyway so they are fairly blas√© about the whole thing. Mischief and Mayhem both have asked to speak to him and have had a bit of a cry about it (it has been 6 weeks or so since he went in so long enough for this to be on their regular schedule of asking to speak to him) but outside of that, they aren’t really concerned. Mind you I have downplayed the whole thing as much as I can. I haven’t shared the details with them or my thoughts on their father’s guilt (some things are just so not appropriate to share with kids) but have told them the very basics that we can’t call Daddy because he is in jail and he has to call us, we can’t visit because we don’t have permission and that I don’t know how long he is going to be there.

All of the fuss and hubub has had me distracted from uni which is a bummer because I have had to drop 2 subjects for the semester. I just wasn’t keeping up with the coursework that was needed. I am upset over it but I also know that it is really my own fault through being unable to compartmentalise. But I am OK with that really. It could be so much worse. As for the remaining subject? I have an assignment due and I am insanely behind in the lectures so I am about par for the course for this part of semester. I will have exams in about a month so now is the time to pull out all of the stops. I have got to figure out a more efficient way of approaching the semester.

Meanwhile the kids have been on school holidays for the last week. Normally I am chronically disorganised when it comes to school holidays and we end up just vegging out for the entire 2 weeks at home and barely doing anything. This time though I am actually kind of proud of myself. I found out that the Tutankhamun exhibit was in town for a week and snapped up tickets to that as fast as I could. It was an impulse buy of the worst sort but it was AMAZING!! Moody in particular was enthralled and I had a hard time getting him to face the camera, he was much more interested in the exhibits.


We also got a couple of playdates, one with Moody’s other little sister (on his Dad’s side) which was lovely. Speaking of which Moody’s Dad and I have started re-connecting on a friendly level in the last few weeks. It has been really nice to talk with him again and get to know who he is now – mainly because we have barely spoken in over 7 years. The re-connection was prompted by his most recent relationship disintegrating. It’s always sad when something like that comes to an end especially seeing as they have a daughter together. He has had a rough couple of months dealing with all of the ins and outs that come with a relationship breaking down. But seems to be starting to get back on a relatively even keel.

Anyway as is often the case I must fly, assignments to write at the last second, exam prep to do so on and so forth, oh and some housework somewhere in the mix as well…. I figure i can sleep when I am dead right?

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