Week 2 and so far behind

So it is the end of week 2 here and so far I am behind again (but really are we surprised?). I am currently starting the week 2 stuff and feeling OK about it all surprisingly. I am less stressed this semester than I was the whole of last semester so I will take that as a win.

All of that said though I have been sick for the last few days which hasn’t helped my progress at all. Trying to take in anything while sick is the pits. Although Mischief had the same thing for a few days and it was worse for her so I am counting myself lucky. Basically we both just ran a fever for a few days and felt awful but there were very few symptoms other than that…. odd. But we haven’t been out of the country, don’t know anyone else who has been out of the country so it can’t be too bad right?

You can see here how tired she is, although she was actually showing off her lost tooth, so cute. For about 2 days I called her my little Nanny McPhee because of that single super crooked front tooth that would peek out randomly.

The MessMakers all did their school swimming lessons for the year. Mischief and Mayhem both passed their levels with very little fuss. Moody unfortunately didn’t so I will have to look into additional lessons for him sooner rather than later but it can wait for a few months while winter passes (because I don’t know about you but the idea of swimming in winter sounds like torture even in an indoor pool). But the advantage to all of it has been the confidence they have all gained in the water over this summer. Mum’s pool has gotten a HUGE workout which is lovely. She seems to have enjoyed having them around and I have enjoyed spending the time with her and them.


My little sister has had her first baby!! It is exciting and a first cousin for the MessMakers. I wish I could share a pic but it is her baby. Needless to say I am really beyond happy that the little munchkin is here and is happy and healthy and that sister is happy and healthy. I can’t wait to get a hug and all that good stuff but seeing as she lives away that is going ot have to wait.

As for exercise I have been super strict and been to the gym almost every weekday since the kids went back to school. I don’t know if it’s having an effect yet but it feels good just to go and get it done. We shall see how it eventually pans out.


Oh and I got a haircut!! I feel so lightheaded now! It’s crazy how much of a difference a haircut can make.

Anyway as for the study stuff I have switched courses as of this semester because I was nervous about getting into the honours year of the course (at the end of the 3rd year here they do a huge cull of the students in the course and without that 4th year you are pretty much sunk!) so despite my grades being OK, I wasn’t confident it would be enough to get me in. So now I am doing psychology and commerce which translates into a Human Resources Degree which is also awesome (and because of the psych component not too far from what I was doing before). So this semester is full of scary subjects like Accounting and Economics and Management (eep!). It has been interesting though which is helping me to catch up.

Week 2 of the Management course has me focussing on motivation and leadership. The motivation chapter started out reasonably simple….

Which then got to be REALLY complex all of a sudden


That diagram alone is enough to bring me out in hives! but I’m pretty sure I can get this done!

Anyway just dropping in for a second between study sessions. Back to the grindstone right?


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