Once again, back on deck

One of these days I will be more consistent about writing here :). But unfortunately that wasn’t the last few months.

But in some ways things have changed dramatically and in some ways things are exactly the same.

We got the lease extension for the new house and then had a rent inspection which we passed with flying colours. The only thing the inspector picked fault with were some weeds growing in the back garden bed, but that is fair enough considering that they are taller than the fence…. gardening has never been my strong suit. Mind you they are right next to Mischief’s tomato plants which are still producing. I am actually pretty proud of her as she has been out there most days to water them and take care of them. Which for a 7 year old I figure is pretty good. I have also gotten a bit of planting done myself with some pretty hedging plants put in in the front bed by the front door. I want them to grow up a bit and cover those front windows just a bit.

Moody is off to the local highschool this year which is both exciting and terrifying 🙂 I am so so proud of him and excited for him and happy, but I am also conflicted about it all and wishing I could keep him little for just a while longer. He is such an awesome little dude, I worry about him growing up and hating me, like all teenagers seem to do these days.

Meanwhile Mischief and Mayhem are continuing at the local primary school. They are a bit bummed that they have 5 days left before school starts but they are looking forward to seeing their friends again.

I am looking at starting TAFE as well as uni this semester, both for HR courses (I will be doing a Cert IV at TAFE and continuing my degree at uni) which will hopefully mean that come mid-year we will have some income coming in that isn’t government based, well that is the goal anyway. I can’t stand not working, it’s driving me crazy.

Meanwhile in other news Tinman finally went on trial and pled guilty. He will be away for the next 6.5 years. Which is sad for the kids. They miss their father which is heartbreaking. But for me outside of the upset that it has caused them it is largely irrelevant. I have been parenting on my own for the last 2, almost 3 years at this stage anyway. I feel for his parents though for whom this has been a shock.

Bigger news for me though is that I weighed in today. I finally got up the guts to go and get a scale…. it was terrible news. I have broached the 90’s. I have been feeling terrible for a while and now I know why. So I am now recommitting to the body-boss program for ‘real’. I will share more about it as I progress through but for now it seems to fit in with my lifestyle quite well.

Here’s to a more productive and consistent 2018.


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