New school year, new challenges

This week signalled the start of a brand new school year. Moody is now officially a high-school kid with his transition to year seven, and Mischief and Mayhem are now both in their junior years of primary school and I have changed from purely online study at university to also doing on campus study with TAFE.

It would seem that the biggest challenge at the moment is getting out of the door in the morning 😬. Tuesday I had a trial run with the kids still at home (and being cared for by their Aunty Erin) and managed to get to class on time, but with school drop off it is tight most mornings. Moody gets dropped off first to the highschool and with the earlier start time is 15 minutes early to school. Then Mischief and Mayhem get dropped to their classrooms at 8:30 each day at which point I rush back to the car to drive a couple of suburbs over to TAFE. It has become clear though that early is better. That I NEED to leave at 8:30 in order to make it to class on time.

That said the first week has gone well. I mean there have been the usual growing pains – Mischief had a meltdown on the first day, Mayhem on the last day of the week, Moody had anxiety over walking home but figured out that his new phone could guide him… I have had a heart attack most days of the week just thinking about making sure they all make it on time and that I get to class on time but it has been a pleasant change. Especially being out of the house and wearing grown up clothes and sitting in a classroom actually learning things :). It is amazing how such small changes can make such a huge difference to my attitude. I have found getting up easier than I have in YEARS, and am feeling more energised than I have in a long time.

One of the things that has helped ENORMOUSLY is getting back to being organised. For years I tried my hardest to get my phone to do everything. It was my life hub and it does help but I have over the last 2 years reverted to paper and honestly I couldn’t be happier. I am a total convert to the DIY fish planner system. I LOVE it. I have used 3 of her inserts so far and they have made life so much more manageable! Even with TAFE and kids and the house I don’t feel like I am drowning yet. That is HUGE for me at this time of year.

All of that said I have a renewed hatred for answering homework questions and am currently procrastinating on doing my first weeks worth of homework… fun times. I never know how much to write, what is too detailed, what is not detailed enough…

As for my weight… well I am starting to see a downwards trend. It is slow at the moment but I think that allot of the reason for that is that I am still tackling my addiction to cola. I know that it is terrible for me but I just cannot seem to let it go. Mind you if I don’t start making headway soon I am going to lose my mind!

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