Starting to think I have bitten off more than I can chew….

This week is orientation week at uni. The week when traditionally the unit plans and schedules are rolled out to the trembling mass of students who are either chomping at the bit to get started or curled in a ball rocking under the chair… I am somewhere in between.

Feeling more organised than usual. I followed last semesters trick and created a timeline of ALL of my work due in date order. Simple yet effective. Now to just keep up with the pace of the work that I have set for myself.


But this picture only includes the work required for the first term of TAFE and ONE unit for Uni… I have another 2 to go in… one of which won’t be released until the very last minute because Psych school…. to be honest I am beginning to wonder if it is a psych professor “thing” to be late for this sort of stuff. Every semester so far the psych units have waited until the very last second to put their materials up.

Meanwhile I just knocked over the first part of one of the major TAFE assignments (each unit seems to have one portfolio which requires work to be submitted every week along with at least one “big” assignment that is due later in the term) which is kind of reassuring. I am hoping that what I have submitted is enough… we shall see I suppose when the marks come back.

Biggest thing in our life right now though was that my laundry door kept getting mysteriously unlocked. I kept locking it and then I would come home from the school run and it would be unlocked again and sometimes the door would be wide open (this is especially concerning on Tuesday and Wednesday when I am at TAFE for at least the morning meaning my house is effectively unlocked until I get home!!!) I keylocked the damned thing yesterday to try and stop this happening. Because I was up late doing my assignment tonight though I heard a commotion in the living room and decided to investigate only to find Mischief at the back door, she already had it unlocked and open and was about to leave the house…. at 11pm at night, dressed in only her underwear!! Cue me freaking the heck out because HELLO!! I suspect she was sleep walking which makes sense as I do it, her little brother does it as well. I went to check on her after 10 minutes and she was fast asleep. So now all doors are going to be keylocked from now on! On the upside I am glad that we don’t have a criminal mastermind who has figured out how to pick locks in our midst… but the downside is what the hell has she been doing outside in the middle of the night for the past almost week? I’m pretty sure that even she doesn’t know.

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