3 weeks into a double study load… and we are still OK

So we are now into week 3 of the Uni Semester. And I am still here! All of my TAFE work has been submitted on time which is a huge plus. I was worried that by this stage i would be rocking in a corner somewhere.

I am admittedly a little behind on my uni work… but that is nothing that I can’t catch up and I have gotten a small jump start on my assessments but I have temporarily misplaced my stack of tracking sheets for my assessments and so I need to find them again (they disappeared in my bedroom… this could be a very bad thing.). But outside of that I am fairly confident that I have it all under control for once…. famous last words.

The kids are all coping reasonably well with the new schedule. They are now being collected by someone else Tuesdays and Fridays which is working out well. In another few weeks that will switch to being Wednesdays and Fridays but it isn’t a huge change. Moody has gotten the hang of walking home on his own and honestly the “find my iphone” feature on both of our phones has given me huge peace of mind as I can track him the whole way while I am in class. Mischef and Mayhem have both settled right back into the school term beautifully which is always a good thing. Both of their teachers have been so helpful with getting them settled and happy. They both participated in the colour explosion fundraiser that their school was hosting this last week. It meant that they got to run around like little crazy people and have coloured powder thrown at them. They had a blast!

Unfortunately Mayhem’s shirt was polyester and so didn’t hold the colour once they started wetting the kids down with the hoses (it is summer here at the moment so it was a good chance to cool off!). But they both stated that it was the “high” of their day.

Even the house is coping fairly well with the new schedule. Mt Washmore has grown to epic proportions which is concerning but with that said I am aiming to at least reach the base station by the end of tomorrow and hopefully conquer the whole thing by the end of the weekend. Currently I am most of the way through the dishes in the sink from JUST dinner (yup, I have been washing as I go! Look at me!) but they will be done completely before bed. So I am feeling pretty damned good about it all. The kids have taken to eating at the bench for just about every meal which means that I have lost some of my motivation for a clear dining table so I need to get back to that ASAP, oh and my bedroom…. well lets just say that it’s suffering….

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