Camera Playing

So I have been filling in my time during the evenings both crocheting animals for the kids (I have got several random legs, heads and arms of amigurumi animals lying around my room and my desk at the moment) and watching photography tutorials.

My biggest bug bear is not having many “good” photos of the kids. Tinman used to have a camera but attempting to get him to take photos and not edit the hell out of them (he LOVED to put everything on a blacked out background…. EVERYTHING) was fighting a losing battle. So for a while now I have wanted to get proper photos of the kids taken. I managed to get that done a year or so ago as part of one of their school fundraisers But I also wanted some more candid “good” photos. While I plan on getting some taken professionally (one of the teachers at the kids school is an amazing photographer). I also want to learn myself. You see just about everyone on my Dad’s side of the family is a photographer. My Dad has got professional grade equipment, my sister takes beautiful landscapes and portraits. My littlest sister takes some photos and my step-siblings all dabble as well (my little brother is quite the photog in his own right!). So when Dad offered me his old DSLR I jumped at it.

This afternoon Moody was out with his Dad so I decided to take the opportunity to get the little ones out of the house. Because payday isn’t until tomorrow the park was really the only option, so we headed down there for me to have a play and for them to have a play as well. It was a bunch of fun, the weather was lovely and it kept them distracted while I got to learn a little bit. First time I have taken my camera completely onto manual, no interference from the tech at all. It felt pretty good actually.

Then later in the week I arranged to meet up with my Dad and take some more photos in Kings Park. The kids had a blast, although I need to chat them about showing more respect for a war memorial. (The pictures of them on the letters are NOT at the memorial, they are in a separate part of the gardens). But again all of these were taken on full manual mode. It’s getting to feel pretty good taking photos that I love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then after kings park we headed into the city for an activity they were hosting with fake snow. They had blowers set up to blow “snow” for 10 minutes every half hour or so. The kids LOVED it!

It was a great day. The kids had fun and so did I.

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