Life got away again!

I keep trying and trying to make this a regular habit. I keeep thinking if I can just do XYZ then I will get a regular posting habit…. and then I fall off the wagon again!

So it’s now November…. I have finished my exams for the semester (thank all of the Deities). I ended up with a distinction and 2 credits… not BAD results. I mean I passed…. that said I’m honestly not thrilled either. I want to do better and I need to figure out how to get out of my own way to make that happen.

My little sister who started uni at the same time as I did graduates this semester. Which is awesome, I am so proud of her!! She has worked so hard for this. She is about to take her first real steps into the adult world and I am so thrilled for her. My other little siblings also completed their first full year of uni and I am so proud of them too, it is awesome to see who they are becoming as young adults, I has been amazing to watch them grow up from little toddlers to now these fully fledged humans.

Speaking of growing up. Moody has finally hit the tween angst stage. He is usually such a good boy but for some reason during an outing the other day he lost his ever loving little mind and decided that a temper tantrum involving not responding when I called to him and storming off repeatedly and acting the fool was a good choice… I am trying to be fair and reasonable but it’s really really hard!

Mischief and Mayhem are both doing well… Mischief has started seeing a therapist to deal with her scratching when she is stressed. Hopefully it helps. At the very least she has bonded with the therapist so that is a start.

Other changes have involved me starting work at one of the local big grocery chains which has been amazing. I am grateful for the work and for the extra money coming in to the house each week. The only goal at this stage is to increase my hours or potentially get another job / a better job. I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth but it would be nice to have more money / hours.

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