Week 2 and so far behind

So it is the end of week 2 here and so far I am behind again (but really are we surprised?). I am currently starting the week 2 stuff and feeling OK about it all surprisingly. I am less stressed this semester than I was the whole of last semester so I will take that as a win. Continue reading

In my 35th year

I have just had a birthday, my 34th which I think makes this my 35th year on the planet. it was really lovely. It is my second since Tinman left. I received some lovely gifts including the gift that I gave myself which is a macbook air (my iMac finally bit the dust so really it was a necessity but calling it a gift makes it seem sweeter).  But from family I received some really thoughtful and precious gifts, some of them were entirely unexpected which was lovely. Continue reading

Dating as a single mum

I can’t say that I have dated much as a single mum. The first time I became a single mum I pretty much lived as a hermit, I met my first boyfriend at work and then about a year after that finished I met Tinman again at a funeral of a mutual friend. This time around I have been a bit more proactive but not by much. I have signed up to a couple of dating sites (I actually signed up to the first one the same night he walked out, in an attempt to reassure myself that there were decent men out there…. I am almost entirely sure that was a mistake!) and have had some interest thrown my way but I have just found that throughout this first year I am just not interested, or rather no-one has had me interested enough to get past the first date. Continue reading

A year

It is amazing how much change a year can make. Have you ever really looked at it? You notice a year pass when you have small kids because they change so much from one year to the next, they go from being a newborn to a toddler in a year (give or take). That’s huge. But once you get to be an adult years pass one much like the previous, your wrinkles get a little deeper, your hair a little more grey (unless of course you are like me and dye it religiously). Rarely does a single year make such a huge impact in your life. I mean it takes years to do the major things, buy a house, build a career, get a degree, save for a big holiday (or is that just a me thing?) A little over a year ago my whole world imploded.

Continue reading