Feeling pretty good

So fitness wise I have done next to nothing this week. Oops.

I got a run in on Friday, only 3km of intervals really which was a bit challenging, but it was raining a bit so it was so much fun to get out and about in the wet. I had a blast. I don’t know what it is about running in the rain that makes me so happy but it’s almost cleansing. I always feel happier when I get back in from one of those runs. :).

After my run I literally came inside, connected the garmin up to the computer then went and fixed my hair sprayed on extra deodorant and went to my pole dancing class! But I had a blast there too. We covered the side sit spin, which has a few different variations. It is a really challenging spin so I found it quite difficult but it was nice to get in some girly time.

The big news this weekend though has been Moody’s birthday. He turned the big 1 0!! Yup my little guy isn’t so little anymore he is now into double digits!! He is turning into an amazing young man and I couldn’t be prouder of him. Although he is turning into a typical teenage grot and trying to get him to shower and de-stink is becoming a challenge! We have spent the weekend running around to various family events including dinner with my parents, having The Man’s parents come over for a while and he went to visit his own father.

The big event was taking one of his friends to the circus Joseph Ashton which has set up just down the road from us. All of the kids had an absolute BLAST.

So how is my study ACTUALLY going

You know seeing as that is kind of in the title of the blog…

Well I got results back for one of my assignments which is 60%… not great, not terrible but not great. And as per usual after assignment season is finished I am behind in my study…. which is a terrible habit that I REALLY need to break! Because it is stressful not only during the assessment prep because I know I am falling behind and I am stressed about it but also the catch up is a cow!!

I have also clued into a few things. Firstly no I can’t study and chat online. Skype is my enemy and the Russian is the major contributor to my delinquency. So much so that when I disappeared off Skype on Friday and didn’t re-emerge he started texting asking if something was wrong…. oops. So I need to figure out how to moderate that a whole lot better.

All of that said though it has been a great week study wise, at least so far it has. I have knocked over 3 and a half lectures, contributed to discussion boards, printed readings for the lectures I haven’t done…. I am getting there.


Friday Fitness

Well since leaving the upside is that I have lost almost 2 dress sizes. Yay!

I have pretty much been sticking to my regular activities but while I was living with Mum I was running more and then afterwards I started doing my own activities which helped.

At the moment I am taking pole dancing classes and I tell you what those ladies who do this for a living…. wow! They must be a whole ‘nother level of fit! It is hard work! So I did a strength training class at the pole studio on Tuesday which was a challenge. I pulled up sore and sorry on Wednesday. I didn’t get anything done Wednesday or Thursday and today I doubled up and did a strength training class and then the pole dancing class…. I am going to be sore tomorrow! But I’m hoping that I can drop the munchkins with Mum on Sunday and go for a quick run… I can hope right?

Unfortunately I don’t have any recent progress photos… I will need to remedy that asap.

If you are looking for a new class to try for a bit of fun I can’t recommend pole dancing enough it is so much fun.