Flying monkey from no where!

This Monday I was wandering through the local shop with the kids. It was MUCH later than normal but between TAFE work and procrastination I hadn’t gotten dinner yet. I looked like hell because I had been busy all day and planning on working out since that morning so I hadn’t showered, hadn’t washed my hair, hadn’t put on makeup… I looked like hell.

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Friday Fitness

Well since leaving the upside is that I have lost almost 2 dress sizes. Yay!

I have pretty much been sticking to my regular activities but while I was living with Mum I was running more and then afterwards I started doing my own activities which helped.

At the moment I am taking pole dancing classes and I tell you what those ladies who do this for a living…. wow! They must be a whole ‘nother level of fit! It is hard work! So I did a strength training class at the pole studio on Tuesday which was a challenge. I pulled up sore and sorry on Wednesday. I didn’t get anything done Wednesday or Thursday and today I doubled up and did a strength training class and then the pole dancing class…. I am going to be sore tomorrow! But I’m hoping that I can drop the munchkins with Mum on Sunday and go for a quick run… I can hope right?

Unfortunately I don’t have any recent progress photos… I will need to remedy that asap.

If you are looking for a new class to try for a bit of fun I can’t recommend pole dancing enough it is so much fun.

Ice Skating

So it finally got done. This morning was the first lesson at the ice rink. Somehow I remember the rink being bigger, and for some reason I thought it was on a main road instead of tucked away inside of an industrial complex, but I haven’t been there since I was a teenager and even then I was probably not paying that much attention to the location.

Long story short I had a blast. We learned gliding, sculling backwards and forwards, stopping and a few other bits and pieces. I only fell once but it was a good one, I managed to bruise up both the heels of my hand and my elbow. I can’t wait to see what colour it goes. It was a 25 minute lesson and I could have stayed afterwards to practice but I had to leave straight away to get to a counselling session I had set up.

Which is the other big thing from today. I went and had my first counselling session. It was an interesting experience with the counsellor showing allot of the techniques that I have been learning about. That part of it was quite odd, recognising what he was doing and yet falling for it. But overall it was quite cathartic which is always a good thing.

Friday Fitness

As is sometimes the case with me life got in the way of fitness this week. As I said on Monday I did a double class of RPM (ouch) and Pump. But it was all down hill after that. I was already battling the flu Monday then on Tuesday Mayhem came down with it so we basically dropped Mischief off at kindy on Wednesday and slept the day away with Daniel Tiger playing in the background (this is the one time that I will concede that having a TV in the bedroom sometimes comes in handy). Thursday was more of him being sick and Mischief being moody then last night BAM Mischief comes down like a ton of bricks. So now the only ones not sick are Moody and The Man.

Long story short the only fitness I have been doing is getting up and down what feels like a million times a night. It has gotten so bad that The Man is getting our groceries from the click and collect people at the store (I order online then go in to collect it to save on delivery fees – totally worth the slightly inflated prices to avoid an hour every week of whinging whining and nagging for every second thing that comes into their field of vision). I was supposed to go this morning but I haven’t left the house aside from to drop Moody at school and pick him up… fun times.

That said though The Man has promised me that I can double up at the gym this weekend so I should hopefully still get in my 3 day minimum.

So to add a bit more fuel to this fire, given how well the housework Wednesdays have gone:

IMG_0628A starter pic, this is my before. It was in all honesty taken a few weeks ago but my measurements are exactly the same. This is my starting place. So not proud of this pic but it reminds me why I am going to the gym and WHY I need to avoid the dairy milk chocolate that is in my cupboard!

T25 has officially kicked my ass!

So as a surprise The Man went out and got me the T25 set of workout stuff. I was so excited to give it a try because HELLO great results in 25 minutes a day!! Woo Hoo! So do you want to know how long I lasted? Well the program is 25 minutes long…. and we got the counter down to 13 minutes even…. yup we didn’t even get half way through!! DH had a cramp in his calf and by that stage I felt like I was going  to vomit… 12 minutes in and I was going to vomit! It is hardcore. So our goal is to do it again day after tomorrow and get the timer down to 10 minutes…. then assess when we get there.

I am determined to finish this program. It is not going to kick my ass!! At least not permanently.

Friday Fitness

I have been looking for a way to be accountable for my fitness or lack thereof for a while and.. well… This seems like as good an idea as any!

So I am a wannabe runner… Actually no you know what I am a runner. I run slowly and I am certainly not competing against anyone but myself but I run, and I enjoy it.

At the moment I am re-doing the C25K routine because I am sorry to say that after completing the bridge run in September of last year I let my running lapse and didn’t really start again until we moved. Needless to say I ended up back at square one both with my weight and with my fitness.

So my starting weight is: 85kg (yipes! when did THAT happen)


I do my best to get out and run/walk at least 3 times a week, sometimes 4 if I can manage it. I am also adding a gym member ship and pump classes to the mix. Although a small blip as appeared in the form of Bowen Therapy. I have had lower back pain and some pain in my left leg for a while now and decided to give bowen therapy a try after hearing good things. One of the therapists first rules was no running for the next few weeks so that she can get my back sorted. Boo! But here’s to hoping it makes a difference right? So pump classes alone it is, but that will give me a great foundation to get back out there ASAP once I AM allowed to run again!


I have also started tracking calories on MFP and have managed to stay reasonably consistent with it. When I can say I have logged in for 7 days in a row I will be a happy woman.

So the question is anyone have any no supplement/drink/crash diet advice? or has anyone tried bowen therapy and had some success?