The things we do for our kids

Moody’s Dad got his ass kicked out of his rental a couple of weeks ago, he apparently hadn’t paid his rent on time repeatedly and so no surprise they declined to renew his lease. As a result he asked if we wanted to borrow his couch. I figured win for me because I can put off buying one for the play-room, and win for him because he can get a smaller storage unit. The downside of course is that he is now renting a room in a share house. Moody is 12, sleeping on the floor of his fathers room every other weekend isn’t really a great option. So now Moody’s Dad is parking his ass in the play-room every other weekend or so to spend time with Moody. Fun times.

But all in all it’s a small sacrifice and at least he is respecting my space.

Last Friday there was a lights show in the city where we live. I took the kids out on the second last night of the show to see what it was all about and got some pretty good photos. Dad has given me his old DSLR Canon 500D which is a great beginners camera. So I figured 2 birds, one stone.



They had a pretty good time and aside from being worried the whole time that I was going to lose one of them in the crowd so did I, which is always a nice coincidence.

But hellos are delightful

So I have been incommunicado for a couple of weeks simply due to being at my parents house and having to try and wrangle the Mess Makers into NOT trashing the entire house each and every day. Given that they don’t have Mess Makers of their own it is entirely unsurprising that my Mum and Stepdad have a house full of lovely little knock knacks that the Mess Makers fingers just ITCH to play with.

So long story short the removal it’s came, they removed, they left. We then spent an extra 4 HOURS at the house shifting trash (by trash I mean the rest of the stuff that just wasn’t important enough to pack and so was taken to the heap or to the second hand store etc etc, not actual rubbish) By the time we left we had 3 skip bags out the front of the house waiting to be taken away all of which were picked up after we left. We ended up spending over $600 on just getting rid of excess. The sad part is that we have barely scratched the surface of the “stuff” that we have I fear!

The upside to this is that we have realised just how much we have been mindlessly accumulating while we were in the old house. I can mostly put it down to hopelessness. I for one felt quite hopeless and powerless to do anything big to improve our situation and so I bought little things to make myself feel better, but of course that failed and then the little things add up and you end up even more miserable as you can’t find a darned thing! So we are on a newish quest to embrace minimalism and turf the excess so that we can keep what really matters to us!

The flight was pretty much uneventful, as you always hope a flight to be. I FINALLY got to see Malificent and thoroughly enjoyed it along with Blended which had me giggling almost all the way through.

We picked Moody up from his Dad’s house the same afternoon as we arrived. He was happy to see us and we were happy to see him. He has visited with his Dad one other time since we have been here and stayed for a few hours but not overnight. (Their choice not mine).

The first night we were here was filled with us being happy to see the parents, the Mess Makers getting to re-know their grandparents and my sister who is still at home, and Moody re-integrating into the family. A very pleasant way to spend the evening.

The rest of the time The Man has been working and the Mess Makers and I have been visiting family and friends or as I said bumming around at my parents place and trying not to trash the joint. Today is probably the first time that I have been able to sit down and relax while Mischief and Mayhem sleep and Moody plays down at the other end of the verandah.


The kids have LOVED seeing their family again although Mischief did crack us up when she asked when she would be getting a step-dad like Moody. She was most put out when we said never, at least not if we could help it. It’s not entirely surprising that she was confused seeing as I have 2 step-parents as does her big brother. Meaning she has 6 grandparents and what must seem like eleventy-billion relatives. But she will get it all straight at some point.

The Man’s parents were thrilled to have the kids around and had had great fun collecting scooters and little bikes from around the place. They had even pulled a rocking horse that had belonged to The Man when he was little for the Mess Makers to play on. Mischief scared herself silly the first time she managed to tip it all the way over backwards but was soon doing it deliberately. Mayhem on the other hand worried his grandmother when she tried to play nicely with him with a shell (pretending it was going to nibble on his arm because the markings made it look like it has teeth) and he FREAKED OUT! He was not happy and so the shell had to go away. Even the next time we visited he would not have a bar of it or any other shell that looked remotely similar.

At my Dad’s place though my step sisters and brother have grown up a ridiculous amount even since the last time I saw them and are so much more mature now. My oldest step sister is doing her WACE (uni entrance) exams this year and so is currently gearing up to get her revision finished. The youngest impressed Mischief with her ballet (quite frankly I was impressed as well, she has just started dancing on-pointe and I for one think she is amazing). Moody and my step brother disappeared and explored the newest video games they little brother has that are age appropriate for Moody. I haven’t told Dad and Stepmom-Mum about uni yet as I don’t want to overshadow oldest sisters exams and hopeful entry. That and I am worried that this may not stick, yet again.

We have been living at Mum’s house and the Mess Makers have had a field day with gardening (consisting mostly of watering already waterlogged plants) and running around after Nanna and Poppa as they go about their work.

We will hopefully be settled in our new house, have Moody installed at his new school and be mostly unpacked more or less by the end of next week…here’s to hoping!