3 weeks into a double study load… and we are still OK

So we are now into week 3 of the Uni Semester. And I am still here! All of my TAFE work has been submitted on time which is a huge plus. I was worried that by this stage i would be rocking in a corner somewhere.

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Toilet training is so much fun

One of the things I wanted to sort before next year is getting my youngest toilet trained and my middle child nighttime trained. Which is how I find myself sitting on the floor of my laundry while Mayhem is on the toilet NOT weeing! We are staging a sit in because he seems to be peeing every 10 minutes all over my floor, but put him on the toilet and we are currently an hour into our toilet time and there is no sign of urine so obviously he can hold it but just isn’t.

It’s like having a puppy in the house all over again.
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